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Net-Linx software successfully paginates Mediapages books

Posted 03/20/2009 - 11:15 by Editor

Net-Linx announced a successful pagination run of Quebecor MediaPages print directories, powered by nxPageSmart. In a project that was up and running in less than three weeks, the experienced Edmonton-based net-linx team drove the production efforts for MediaPages. net-linx staff used nxPageSmart, the award-winning pagination system from net-linx, to compose, edit and output MediaPages’ print directories.

Consumer Demand For Online Local Search Leads Internet Yellow Pages To Double Digit Growth, New Study Shows

Posted 03/19/2009 - 11:15 by Editor

BERKLEY HEIGHTS, N.J. – March 19, 2009 – The Yellow Pages Association (YPA) today announced new data that show Internet Yellow Pages experienced double digital growth in 2008, driven by the growing need for consumers to seek local businesses online. According to comScore, Internet Yellow Pages searches grew 22 percent, from 3.8 billion to 4.6 billion, in 2008.